We offer rubber overlays for concrete curbs with SBR granulate in thicknesses of 6cm and 8cm.

Available dimensions:

1000x80x20 for curbs with a width of 8cm

1000x60x20 for curbs with a width of 6cm

Available colors: green, red, black

In our offer, we also have flexible borders (curbs) and flexible overlays for curbs or concrete sandboxes, as well as ramp thresholds.

Rubber curbs are produced in the following dimensions:

750x250x50 mm

500x240x45 mm

1000x250x50 mm

Rubber overlays for curbs were designed with our youngest ones in mind. They can be used to secure stairs, sandboxes, and other potentially hazardous surfaces.

We offer safe rubber corner guards in the following dimensions: 1000mm in length, 50mm in thickness, and walls measuring 250 x 125mm. They can be connected using plastic connectors.

It is recommended to use polyurethane adhesive for permanent attachment to the substrate.