Our company specializes in restoring rubber playground surfaces to their original condition, as over time they can become worn and lose their safety properties. Rubber surfaces can fade in color, wear down, and the adhesive that binds the SBR granules can oxidize, leading to surface crumbling and a loss of protective function.

When a rubber surface is in need of repair, a decision must be made regarding the next course of action. Many playground managers opt for a complete replacement of the surface, which incurs high costs associated with disposing of the old surface, preparing the sub-base, and installing a new surface. In most cases, this decision proves to be unnecessary, as surfaces can be revitalized.

Our company has extensive experience in such repairs and offers several repair methods tailored to the level of surface wear. Whether the surface is poured or laid, we will employ the appropriate method to restore its functionality and aesthetics.

We are confident in the quality of our services, which is why we offer free assessments and consultations. Through these, playground managers can receive a professional evaluation of the surface's condition, explore various repair options, and receive a detailed cost estimate to make an informed decision.

Trust in our experience and repair skills to restore the safety and attractiveness of rubber playground surfaces. Contact us today to schedule a free assessment and consultation.